Long absence

Since my last post in June 30 of last year, I haven’t made any updates to the blog.

After I finished my master’s thesis, I got hired by Synopsys and the job has been keeping me pretty busy since then. I haven’t had much time to keep this blog updated and to keep up with some updates to the UVM tutorial I had planned.

I also have been busy with some time to myself, including travelling and learning other things too. In the last months I payed a visit to Belgium and to the United Kindgom. It was not the first time I was in both countries but it felt great to visit them again. I already started to plan other trips to some exciting locations, which I might share here in the future.

Besides working and travelling, I started to learn German. Not for any particular reason, just for the fun of it. Since I studied a bit of Swedish when I was living in Gothenburg, I figured it would be interesting to tackle another Germanic language. It has been an interesting learning experience so far, I might explore this subject on this blog in a near future too.

From now on, I plan to be more active in posting updates, either related to hardware design, either to other subjects I might want to share. It will be the beginning of my personal blog.

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  1. Hi
    Just want to ask can we also upload our basic examples created using the systemverilog , verilog and UVM methodology using ur colorlesscube.

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